Printing and Framing Services

The pictures displayed in the galleries can be purchased either as framed or unframed prints. The prints are available in two standard paper sizes, A4 and A3 and are individually mounted.

Picture Sizes

The size of an A4 mounted picture (framed or unframed) is approximately 35cm x 25cm.
The size of an A3 mounted picture is approximately 50cm x 35cm.

Of course these sizes may vary, depending on the aspect ratio of the picture which can affect the size of the mount. Normally, the mount border will be between 5-10cm wide around each side of the print. A panoramic picture will have a wider mount at the top and bottom, but not too large so that it would dominate the print.


The pictures are hand printed by the photographer using a dedicated professional inkjet printer with premium quality inks and archival glossy paper. In this way he has complete control over the printing process and is able to guarantee high standards of quality.

Framing and Mounting

Frames and mounts are purchased at retail prices from an online supplier:

The photographer has no connections with this company and it was chosen because it provides value for money.

Two frame types are recommended and examples of each are here:

(20mm Gloss Black with Snow White mount, and 20mm Oak Coloured Vaneer with Off White mount)

As with frames, a wide variety of mounts are available and two examples are as per above.

Please use the contact form, email or phone if you require a different coloured mount, size of mount, or type/colour of frame.

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